BootstrapAccelerator is a technology startup accelerator focused on South East Asia with Silicon Valley DNA.


Formed by a partnership between MAD Incubator  (Kuala Lumpur) and BootstrapLabs (Silicon Valley), BootstrapAccelerator offers a differentiated 12 month program divided in 3 stages: Ideation, Incubation and Acceleration

  • Ideation: 3-6 weeks designed to assist aspiring entrepreneurs flush out and validate their idea early while assembling a team capable of executing and thinkering with potential business models
  • Incubation: 2-5 months focused on customer development and minimum viable product
  • Acceleration: 6-9 months focused on product/market fit,  growth, monetization and partnerships

BootstrapAccelerator is focused on capital efficient software companies that leverage the speed of internet distribution and the scalability of cloud infrastructure, independently of their vertical or segment.

Startups will have the opportunity to receive investment plus substantial grants in cash and various perks valued at US$35,000 to help founders build their startups while going through the BootstrapAccelerator program. Additionally, the most promising startups will have an opportunity to take part in BootstrapLabs’ Silicon Valley Fast Track™ program and relocate to Silicon Valley to go global.

Want to build the next Google or just a cool company that will make you and your friends proud?